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Lombardo Sporthorses
Tamara Lombardo
Tamara Lombardo, Sport horses for sale

About Lombardo Sporthorses

Lombardo Sporthorses is quickly gaining worldwide recognition for matching US equestrians with their perfect European young riding partners to achieve their dreams of competing at top levels of the sport in Dressage.
By starting each horse ourselves and handling all aspects associated with importation and quarantine, Lombardo Sporthorses eliminates the fear, uncertainty and potential disappointment of buying a horse overseas.
Our knowledge, experience and honest representation devoid of exaggerating a horse’s abilities, are the contributing factors that have lead to our rapid success almost entirely from word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers.
If you’re looking for a young prospect, Lombardo Sporthorses will provide you with the accurate assessment and peace-of-mind to make an informed decision, bringing you closer to your dream horse.