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Glock’s toto jr. x fürstenball

This horse is sold

Glock’s Toto jr. x Fürstenball

I am an FEI german trainer from Canada, and I found my client 2 horses through Tamara. She was very honest, upfront and beyond helpful when it came to a quarantine issue we had with a horrible facility. Tamara went above and beyond and even after they were no longer her horses she still went to visit them at the quarantine barn to help us and properly care for our new horses. 

She could have easily walked away and brushed us off, but she is the most amazing sales owner I have ever come into contact with. 

I would do business with her again in a heart beat and would blindly trust her to find a horse for myself or a client any day.
We would never have gotten through any of the import process without her. 

Highly recommend her and her facility

If you ever find yourself looking to purchase overseas, you have to get in touch with Lombardo Sporthorses. Tamara Di Lombardo is incredible and so wonderful to work with.

M. Horne,



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